Frequently-Asked Questions

What does Guided mean?2020-08-18T12:53:47-04:00

By “guide” (and “non-guided”), we are referring to our owner serving as your host for the weekend and suggesting hunting locations for you and your party. We do not officially “guide” in the sense of traditional escort into woods hunting capacity; further PA only allows for “guided” hunting of coyotes on State Gamelands. We are not an outfitter.

Is the lodge family-friendly?2020-05-12T15:58:43-04:00

Yes: For private lodge rentals – absolutely. In fact, if you’re a hunting dad (or mom for that fact), you could easily wake up early in morning, walk out and hunt one of our prime spots for an hour or two, and be back in time for 9 am breakfast with your spouse and kids at the cabin. Why not!

Are there additional discounts if I have a group of 2+ more people for the ultimate deer camp weekend?2020-05-12T15:55:34-04:00

If two individuals book the “Blacktail Suite” (bunkbeds) together, then we can arrange a discount per the booking page guidelines. On the other hand, if you’re solely responsible for arranging a party of more than two individuals, we can discuss your individual only discount at or prior to booking.

What are the directions to the lodge?2020-05-12T15:33:04-04:00

Will provide upon booking. The Pocono Browns lodge is located within Stillwater Estates, which will require a gate check-in for safety.

Are there “house rules”?2020-05-12T15:44:42-04:00

No loaded guns on premises, except for when walking out to hunt. No drugs or illegal activity. “Unruly conduct” can result in a kind exit from the premises and deer camp experience. Not easily definable, but we’ll know it when we see it.

Does the cabin have TV and wireless/wifi?2020-05-12T15:52:09-04:00


Is the lodge kid and/or pet friendly?2020-05-12T15:56:39-04:00

Children are not allowed to attend “ultimate deer camp” experiences unless child is at least 13 years of age and accompanied by parent or direct guardian; however, for private lodge rentals – kids and pets by all means!

Catered meals – are they only available for the “ultimate deer camp” hunting trips?2020-05-12T15:51:34-04:00

For Ultimate Deer Camp Experience weekends, we will provide you with menu options prior to your arrival for the days you’ll be staying with us. These meals will be for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, however we agree upon. There are specific local Poconos restaurants which we use to cater and to which we’re loyal (e.g. Jubilee Inn, etc.). Specifically, breakfast and dinner are provided each day for Ultimate Deer Camp experiences (dinner Thursday, breakfast Friday (with “mock awards” dinner Friday evening at a place TBD); and breakfast and dinner on Saturday; and breakfast Sunday morning farewell). These options are not available for “private lodge rental,” although we can direct you to good eateries for your non-guided experience.

Can the entire camp be rented for a more private “ultimate deer camp experience”? (e.g. if I have a group of 5 people)2020-04-22T13:29:00-04:00

Yes, individual rooms can be rented for the ultimate deer camp exp., but if a group wishes to rent the entire cabin for a more private experience, then that’s an option.

What is your refund policy?2020-05-13T12:04:24-04:00

Private/lodge rental refunds:

Payment required 14 days prior to arrival date.

100% refund up to 7 calendar days of expected arrival date.

50% refund up to 48 hours of expected arrival date.

Ultimate Deer Camp Experience Refunds:

Payment required 21 days prior to arrival date.

100% refund up to 14 calendar days of expected arrival date.

50% refund up to 48 hours of expected arrival date.

Last minute cancelations made within 24 hours of expected arrival date are subject to 25% refund, barring natural disasters, forces majeure, war, acts of terror, etc.

Can we bring our own food and beverages? (e.g. alcohol, etc.)2020-05-12T15:59:22-04:00

Yes – and notably BYOB is in order! We have a refrigerator where you may store any food and/or drink items you’d like to bring.

Can I rent the john boat if I want to spend time on Stillwater Lake fishing?2020-09-18T18:16:36-04:00

Yes it is generally available. Check availability and discuss at time of booking and upon arrival.

Do you provide firearms?2020-05-12T15:53:25-04:00


May I bring my own gun?2020-05-12T15:36:04-04:00

Yes – however, you may not use, discharge, or otherwise cause to fire anywhere within the vicinity of the cabin, except for beyond the legally permitted limits beyond the cabin and into the public gamelands 127 directly behind the cabin. No loaded guns on premises otherwise.

What hunting license(s) should I have and where can I acquire them?2020-05-12T16:02:18-04:00

Please view information here: https://www.pa.wildlifelicense.com/start.php

How do I drag my deer out of the woods if I am far away from the lodge?2020-05-12T15:48:00-04:00

Mark a GPS spot where you felled the deer, and we will together drag the deer out of woods either by antlers or on deer cart, which we will bring into the woods to locate your deer together after a succesful hunt. Or if you’re able-bodied, full-blooded American, no one will wince at your dragging a deer out on your own with a Cabela’s or Walmart deer drag. In fact, you might receive an Ultimate Deer Camp Experience trophy just for that.

Is there a place to butcher a deer at the lodge?2020-05-12T15:46:54-04:00


Is there a way I can have my deer head mounted by a taxidermist?2020-05-12T15:46:21-04:00

Unless you have your own taxidermy, we can help you to make accommodations and have item shipped to you.

How will I get my deer meat and/or head home after the hunt?2020-05-12T15:45:31-04:00

We will help you to process and place meat into bags in our deer camp “labor of love” shed located directly behind the Pocono Browns lodge. Bring a cooler or two.

What calibre gun should I bring? Any recommendations?2020-05-12T15:44:06-04:00

.270, .308, .30-06, 12GG or 20GA shotgun with buckshot or deer slugs. Or whatever you feel comfortable with – and is legal to hunt in PA.

How many different designated spots do I have to choose from to hunt?2020-05-12T15:43:11-04:00

Including but not limited to State Gamelands 127 directly adjacent to Pocono Browns lodge, there are 10 – 15 “honey holes” for us to map out your game plan.

Are deer “guaranteed”?2020-05-12T15:41:16-04:00

No. We do, however, guarantee you great hunting locations. What you do when deer cross your path, is beyond us.

Is a hunting license required to hunt?2020-05-12T16:09:06-04:00


What gear should I bring?2020-05-12T15:41:45-04:00

List of “must haves” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Weapon
  • Pocket Knife
  • Camouflaged Clothing
  • Scent-Free Boots
  • Scent Killer
  • Apparel/Clothing – Camouflage & Orange. Heavy warm camo Jacket, camo pants, underneath layers, heavy wool socks
  • Boots. Get extreme weather and water proof! …
  • Backpack
  • Binoculars, although not necessary
  • Bows. Compound Bow or crossbow OK
  • Bug Repellants
  • Face mask and gloves: Use camo for elevated hunting and black for our ground-blinds.
  • Extra bow release (bowhunters): Spring falls out, strap/buckle breaks, lose or forget your main release; this is one item that can absolutely ruin a bowhunter’s day. Just like the second-string quarterback, make sure the backup gets some practice time, too.
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